Sunday, April 20, 2014

Predicting CPU Performance Using Learning Machine Compared to Linear Regression Method

Topic: "Machine Learning"
Client: Jenny

Short Desc: To find which method the best to predict CPU performance based on several hardware parameters of CPU. Goal is as consideration for a vendor in producing their hardware. For training, I use one of popular method which is K-Fold Cross Validation.

Vendors: adviser, amdahl,apollo, basf, bti, burroughs, c.r.d, cambex, cdc, dec, dg, formation, four-phase, gould, honeywell, hp, ibm, ipl, magnuson, microdata, nas, ncr, nixdorf, perkin-elmer, prime, siemens, sperry, 
sratus, wang


fig 1. Training

fig 2. Validation result

fig 3. Error comparison

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