Sunday, April 20, 2014

Calculate Number of Potatoes (Yellowish Object) in Digital Images

Topic: "Digital Image Processing"
Client: CarrierGuide15

Short Desc:
This is an easy and simple project to localize and calculate number of potatoes in image(s) automatically. All aspects need to be considered before designing appropriate method. This is unfiltered natural image taken in uncontrolled circumstances, we can image how unpredictable was the brightness and contrast present in whole part of images. So, I designed which best method to overcome this problem. Result and image data set are depicted by figures below.


fig 1. Original images to process

fig 2. Detected Potato of first image

fig 3. Detected Potato of second image

fig 4. Detected Potato of third image

fig 5. Detected Potato of fourth image

fig 6. Number of detected potato(es) in each image

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